ExB is a language based development company. Their main product is PTPT a smart data analysis software middle ware and works cross platforms, Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, and PC.
Initiated a re-design of the ExB brand identity, ranging from web presence, document templates, UX identity principles to graphical assets.
As OEM SW provider the UX department primarily delivers prototypes for demonstration purposes to showcase the PTPT capabilities and drive the function and feature development.

ExB -

Proposed and conceptualized, and directed a series of dedicated apps based on the PTPT platform as a better way to showcase its capabilities.

This series is now in progress.
The first '' was the driver for the new UX concept and product identity range.

Philips Design - Smart TV

Defined an integral UX concept for interactive and broadcast TV, including cross platform service concepts.

Responsible for Creative Direction of the TV and Net-TV User Experience introduced in 2011 and 2012.
As part creative director involved in architecture and platform assessment as well as strategic and roadmap planning, including HW, SW and design implications.

Philips Design - Mobile Phones

Starting from the Brand establish the Values, Principles and Codes of the Creative direction. Articulate the Aesthetic, Behavior and Control.
Deploy in a direction setting document using clear criteria and descriptions.
Working with our China based suppliers makes this a true test of character. For the first product we managed we won an award.

Creative Direction for total visual interface direction, for all Philips Ranges.

Philips Design - Rice Cooker

Philips Domestic Appliances intended to launch a new high end rice cooker on the Chinese market. A new menu driven interface with build in recipe support was developed, based on a new control technology.
The UI was awarded with a patent.

Responsible for the user interface development of a new rice cooker series specifically for China